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The Top 4 ‘To do’s’ of Charity Adventure Challenges!

Aurora Adventures Kayaking Caribean

Everyday people choose to help the world they live in and take on a fitness or adventure charity challenge driven by some truly great aspirations.  I really applaud that spirit.  These wonderful people help make the world a great place to be.  Meeting the challenge to assist your community makes the spirit soar and the soul lighten. Whether you are thinking of doing something at home locally, nationally or even internationally that benefits others you become part of a club of people that strive to change the world.


Getting this far means you are special. It’s important before you take the plunge that you have a plan to ensure you are physically and mentally primed to achieve the task. You must have a plan for hitting your fundraising goals and be willing and  proud advocates for your charity or foundation.


So … how can we assist you to do it?


Lets talk about the 4 P’s of Charity Challenges. These principles we subscribe to will ensure you’re good to go…


People:  Make sure you research and know your charity. Ensure you know those looking after you and/or your group on your actual fitness challenge or adventure.  Ask questions.  They will be happy to answer them and help out where needed.


Preparation:  Most things in life don’t come without effort.  Adventure and Fitness are no different.  Make sure you have a training plan ideally set by a qualified person with experience in adventure training.  Best case; seek out a group that provides it to you as part of the package for the trip and provides feedback.  Also make sure you choose someone that’s giving you regular administrative information about your challenge.  You need information to be ready and prepared.  What do you actually need to take?  Is your chosen crew providing most of everything for you to use on the challenge or do you need to buy a lot of equipment you might never use again?  Do you need to find airfare in addition to the fee and travel insurance costs? How will you fundraise?  Does your provider assist you with on-line portals and setting up access?  Do they give you an authority to fundraise from the charity and the do’s and don’t of fundraising?


The devil is definitely in the detail at this point when weighing up providers is critical – it can make or break the trip. At Aurora Adventures, we know the pitfalls so have created a “one stop shop” to make it a pleasant experience.


Prevention:  When you’re training make sure experts program the training you are undertaking.  These specialists will ensure that the program is specific to the challenge and not a broad based exercise program.  Those specialists should also ensure that an element of injury prevention is built in as part of that training to ensure you are at your best during training and during your challenge.  After all, the hard work done in training is purely to allow for a more enjoyable Adventure experience.


If you’re going to the other side of the world look for a provider giving you information about

  • inoculations
  • travel warnings
  • visas and in country requirement,
  • a proven risk management processes
  • communications
  • evacuation plans
  • and those that insist that you have adequate travel insurance.

Check if the crew you’re considering is going to send a leader from their company and a remote area medic to assist the local ground crew to ensure quality and safely.  Check if they will be carrying adequate communications and medical and safety related gear relevant to the environment.  Ensure you do your own ‘mini’ risk management of your provider so that you are safe on your challenge.  In other words like any job, there is so much more to this style of activity and I feel it is critical that this information is understood prior to signing up with a group. Please don’t make decisions on price alone.


Performance: Do the people running the logistics and operations for the adventures have experience and credibility?  Ask around … or check them out on social media like Linked in for recommendations.


It’s a exiting world charity adventure travel … but one that you need to walk into with your eyes wide open to ensure you are doing the best for yourself and your charity. You basically wear the brand of the charity you support on your adventure.  Making sure you’re prepared gives you the best chance of hitting your fundraising target, reaching the challenge goal and ensuring you are the best you can be as an advocate for your cause. Good luck everyone and congratulations to anyone who is planning on taking on an adventure charity challenge. You are changing the world in your own way, one trekking step at a time.


Yours in Adventure

Mary S – MD Aurora Adventures 


For more info on Aurora Adventures Charity Challenges check out our destinations page on this link.. Charity Adventure Destinations.  





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