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Aurora Alpha has arrived!

A message from our MD:

Hi All.

We are really excited in 2014 to launch Aurora Alpha.  I have always believed in the power of people.  The power of an individual with a purpose or the power of a group of like-minded people to change their world for the better is something very special to see play out.

Aurora Alpha

More information here.

Having spent many years in the legal world and then the executive adventure travel sphere I have been privileged to meet so many amazing people with ideas, expertise and drive to change their business environments every day for the good of their employees and their companies.   As they walked along a track or climbed a mountain in the middle of nowhere, where they had no mobile reception, no email access and no decisions to be made at 7pm board meetings, they had nothing to do but walk & think and hang out with their team.  Those people, almost without exception as we walked and chatted revealed an idea or a spark they have had brewing away in their sub-conscious for a while of a way that they could do good for their team and business that would also benefit not only the company but also their world.

It made me think.   After leaving executive adventure and entering charity adventure I thought, imagine if a business brought that idea of change for both the team, the business and their world to the experience from the get go.  Then imagine if we then had say 10, 20, 30 participants tasked by their business with opening themselves up to those ideas on the lead up and on the adventure what they might be able to achieve on trek personally and with their team but also for their company and their community on their return home.  So … Aurora Alpha was born.

The aim of Aurora Alpha is to combine the elements of executive level adventure, team building experiences and community building and philanthropy into a total sustainable ideal. It’s a big aim some might say.  But I don’t think so.   I have big faith in the power of people.  We can do anything we put our minds too if we are just given the opportunity and support to do so.

More information here. 

Yours in Adventure

Mary S – MD Aurora Adventures

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