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MATES in Construction Kokoda Trek 2014

Mates in Construction Kokoda

The inaugural MATES In Kokoda Trek is a joint venture by CSQ, Mates in Construction (MIC), Cribhut and Aurora Adventures to both support and raise awareness for suicide prevention within the construction industry.

Construction workers are six times more likely to die by suicide than through a workplace accident and apprentices in construction are two and a half times more likely to suicide than other young men their age.

The unique solution developed by MIC is to train a number of construction workers (known as connectors) to recognise potentially suicidal behavior and to give them the simple skills needed to intervene and to keep that person safe until they can gain professional help.

The MIC service is provided at no cost to workers or construction companies, is a registered charity and relies on industry, government and personal donations for funding, field staff employment and the cost of the 24/7 Helpline and counseling support.

MIC Kokoda Trek Charity Lunch
On Friday the 2nd May 2014 the MIC Kokoda Trek Charity Lunch is being held at Rydges Hotel, to raise funds for Mates In Construction, promote the trek and encourage people and companies to sign up to participate! Tickets are $145 individually and a table of 10 is $1400. To book tickets click here.

The MIC Kokoda Trek 2014
Between the 5th and 14th September 2014 the MIC Kokoda Trek will take place. The trek will coincide with International Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, when a ceremony commemorating this day, as well as those who fought and lost their lives on the Kokoda Track, will be held at Brigade Hill. For more details about the trek itself or to register for the trek please contact


Mates in Construction

Join the Team to “Muscle Up for MND”!


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Aurora Adventures are glad to support our amazing pre-adventure training team at Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation (AFR) in their bid to assist the MND and Me Foundation to ‘Muscle Up for MND’.  We are calling on all Aurora Adventurers to join the AFR team at the iconic Gabba Cricket ground on Saturday 15 March for a world record attempt for the largest personal training circuit class ever!  The aim is to have 3000 people training to raise $100,000. This is more than an event, it is an experience so save the date, join the team and be a part of showing your support for Queenslanders impacted by Motor Neuron Disease.

When you register you will be asked the name of the group you are associated with.  Please enter our training team name of Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation and join us at the Gabba as we all become World Record Holders!!!

For more details about the event and MND check out AFR News or to register for the World Record Attempt click here.

Alternatively, feel free to contact the friendly Aurora admin team on 1300 158 468 or email us for further details. 

 We hope to see you there! 


Aurora Alpha has arrived!

A message from our MD:

Hi All.

We are really excited in 2014 to launch Aurora Alpha.  I have always believed in the power of people.  The power of an individual with a purpose or the power of a group of like-minded people to change their world for the better is something very special to see play out.

Aurora Alpha

More information here.

Having spent many years in the legal world and then the executive adventure travel sphere I have been privileged to meet so many amazing people with ideas, expertise and drive to change their business environments every day for the good of their employees and their companies.   As they walked along a track or climbed a mountain in the middle of nowhere, where they had no mobile reception, no email access and no decisions to be made at 7pm board meetings, they had nothing to do but walk & think and hang out with their team.  Those people, almost without exception as we walked and chatted revealed an idea or a spark they have had brewing away in their sub-conscious for a while of a way that they could do good for their team and business that would also benefit not only the company but also their world.

It made me think.   After leaving executive adventure and entering charity adventure I thought, imagine if a business brought that idea of change for both the team, the business and their world to the experience from the get go.  Then imagine if we then had say 10, 20, 30 participants tasked by their business with opening themselves up to those ideas on the lead up and on the adventure what they might be able to achieve on trek personally and with their team but also for their company and their community on their return home.  So … Aurora Alpha was born.

The aim of Aurora Alpha is to combine the elements of executive level adventure, team building experiences and community building and philanthropy into a total sustainable ideal. It’s a big aim some might say.  But I don’t think so.   I have big faith in the power of people.  We can do anything we put our minds too if we are just given the opportunity and support to do so.

More information here. 

Yours in Adventure

Mary S – MD Aurora Adventures

The Top 4 ‘To do’s’ of Charity Adventure Challenges!

Aurora Adventures Kayaking Caribean

Everyday people choose to help the world they live in and take on a fitness or adventure charity challenge driven by some truly great aspirations.  I really applaud that spirit.  These wonderful people help make the world a great place to be.  Meeting the challenge to assist your community makes the spirit soar and the soul lighten. Whether you are thinking of doing something at home locally, nationally or even internationally that benefits others you become part of a club of people that strive to change the world.


Getting this far means you are special. It’s important before you take the plunge that you have a plan to ensure you are physically and mentally primed to achieve the task. You must have a plan for hitting your fundraising goals and be willing and  proud advocates for your charity or foundation.


So … how can we assist you to do it?


Lets talk about the 4 P’s of Charity Challenges. These principles we subscribe to will ensure you’re good to go…


People:  Make sure you research and know your charity. Ensure you know those looking after you and/or your group on your actual fitness challenge or adventure.  Ask questions.  They will be happy to answer them and help out where needed.


Preparation:  Most things in life don’t come without effort.  Adventure and Fitness are no different.  Make sure you have a training plan ideally set by a qualified person with experience in adventure training.  Best case; seek out a group that provides it to you as part of the package for the trip and provides feedback.  Also make sure you choose someone that’s giving you regular administrative information about your challenge.  You need information to be ready and prepared.  What do you actually need to take?  Is your chosen crew providing most of everything for you to use on the challenge or do you need to buy a lot of equipment you might never use again?  Do you need to find airfare in addition to the fee and travel insurance costs? How will you fundraise?  Does your provider assist you with on-line portals and setting up access?  Do they give you an authority to fundraise from the charity and the do’s and don’t of fundraising?


The devil is definitely in the detail at this point when weighing up providers is critical – it can make or break the trip. At Aurora Adventures, we know the pitfalls so have created a “one stop shop” to make it a pleasant experience.


Prevention:  When you’re training make sure experts program the training you are undertaking.  These specialists will ensure that the program is specific to the challenge and not a broad based exercise program.  Those specialists should also ensure that an element of injury prevention is built in as part of that training to ensure you are at your best during training and during your challenge.  After all, the hard work done in training is purely to allow for a more enjoyable Adventure experience.


If you’re going to the other side of the world look for a provider giving you information about

  • inoculations
  • travel warnings
  • visas and in country requirement,
  • a proven risk management processes
  • communications
  • evacuation plans
  • and those that insist that you have adequate travel insurance.

Check if the crew you’re considering is going to send a leader from their company and a remote area medic to assist the local ground crew to ensure quality and safely.  Check if they will be carrying adequate communications and medical and safety related gear relevant to the environment.  Ensure you do your own ‘mini’ risk management of your provider so that you are safe on your challenge.  In other words like any job, there is so much more to this style of activity and I feel it is critical that this information is understood prior to signing up with a group. Please don’t make decisions on price alone.


Performance: Do the people running the logistics and operations for the adventures have experience and credibility?  Ask around … or check them out on social media like Linked in for recommendations.


It’s a exiting world charity adventure travel … but one that you need to walk into with your eyes wide open to ensure you are doing the best for yourself and your charity. You basically wear the brand of the charity you support on your adventure.  Making sure you’re prepared gives you the best chance of hitting your fundraising target, reaching the challenge goal and ensuring you are the best you can be as an advocate for your cause. Good luck everyone and congratulations to anyone who is planning on taking on an adventure charity challenge. You are changing the world in your own way, one trekking step at a time.


Yours in Adventure

Mary S – MD Aurora Adventures 


For more info on Aurora Adventures Charity Challenges check out our destinations page on this link.. Charity Adventure Destinations.  





Black Cat Track Statement

Having spent a bit of time in PNG leading teams on both the Kokoda Track and the Black Cat Track over the last 8 years I am deeply saddened by the news of the recent incident on the Black Cat Track.

The people of this track are warm, kind, generous and protective people who have looked after our groups with great care and attention during our Black Cat adventures.   This appears to be an isolated incident.  My sincere hope is that once the parties responsible are brought to justice this incident will not adversely affect people at some time down the track wanting to again walk these hallowed grounds to pay their respects to the Aussie heroes that fought  & died there in WWII.

The reality is the very people that have been an integral part of the effort to support and grow tourism and look after thousands of Australian’s who have taken on the track and thereby assist their villages and families over those years are now many of those that have suffered physically through this assault and will continue to suffer economically through tourism grinding to a halt in the region as a result of the actions of a small renegade few.

My thoughts are with the families of the PNG Nationals affected on the ground in PNG many of whom we have worked with on our adventures.

My thoughts are also with the Australian and NZ trekkers affected and their families.

Mary Smith – Aurora Adventures

Hear from Sally McWilliam about her recent experience on the Kokoda Track for hike4hunger!

hike4hunger-2012-kokoda.jpgAfter months of preparation involving several hikes up Mt Cootha, numerous stair runs at Kangaroo Point and more lunges than I can poke a stick at this October I was finally there!

Now that I am well recovered from this grueling yet inspiring journey here are my Top Ten Takeaways from my experience of The Kokoda Track.

1. You Must Bring Your Sense of Humour – This is a must have, especially on rainy days!

2. Take A Moment – to gaze in wonder at the oversized butterflies, bask in the sunshine between the trees and breathe in the jungle air.

3. Talk To Your local team and Guides – the locals are peaceful, humble and funny people so spend some time finding out about how they live – you’ll gain a new perspective on life!

4. Learn The Art Of Trading – rations that is. When all you have is a sesame seed bar or a cheezy snack-about but you really want that macadamia nut goodness, learn quickly how to trade/deal with your fellow trekkers for maximum food enjoyment.

5. Embrace The Mud – and also the rain, long steep inclines, long steep declines, humidity, leeches, mozzies, and dirt in your porridge. Things won’t always go to plan weather wise, it will be wet and you will never be as clean as you’d like, but only by embracing these things and taking it all in your stride (pun intended) can you get the full Kokoda experience.

6. Aspire to dry socks and boots, or at least dry socks – The joyous feeling of putting on a dry pair of boots or socks in the morning when everything else is sopping wet cannot be overstated.

7. Think About Why You Are Walking – When the going gets tough, and it will, take a moment to remember why you are walking, and those who walked before you. It’ll bring you full circle and be an inspiration.

8. Bring stuff – soccer balls, footballs, balloons etc. The local village children love to play with these toys and it’s a joy to watch them squeal with delight upon receiving such a gift.

9. Take Your Preparation Seriously – the more lunges, squats, stair runs and hikes you do before the trip, the better your body will handle the relentless terrain and the more you will enjoy your time.

10. hike4hunger! – This is the charity we walked to raise money for and I couldn’t think of a better one to be a part of. Every night, a different trekker read aloud a letter from a person who hike4hunger & The Hunger Project has helped across the world. These real life stories bought us all back to center, reminded us of how we had contributed and pushed that internal drive to keep trekking!


Top 5 Must Haves!

1. Antibacterial Gel

2. Wet Wipes

3. Condensed Milk

4. Camera

5. Teammates!


The Kokoda Track is a journey that will remain in my memory forever. I feel privileged and honoured to have walked in the footsteps of my forefathers and to have been a part of something that is so quintessentially Australian and just so truly inspiring. – Sally McWilliam


If tackling the Kokoda Track for Hike4Hunger is something you are interested in then contact the Aurora team today!

Get Active for Alzheimers! Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) – Bridge to Brisbane 2012

Gold Coast Marathon Run Club BrisbaneHave you ever thought about taking on a 5 or 10km walk or run but were not sure where to start to get ready?  Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) have joined forces with Aurora Adventures and the training team at Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation to ‘Get Active for Alzheimer’s’ as we prepare for the Bridge to Brisbane 2012!

AAQ’s mission is to reduce the impact of dementia on the community.  They do this by providing education, information and support for people with dementia, their families and carers.  They also work hard to raise public awareness and understanding of dementia in the wider community.  They offer a range of services for people with dementia, family carers, industry workers and anyone who would like to know more about memory loss, dementia and good brain health.
Our training goal? Over 10 weeks preparing you for your favoured distance for the Bridge to Brisbane on 2 September 2012.
Our charity goal?  To raise funds to help Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) fight hard to combat the effects of Alzheimer’s in our community, to raise funda and to raise awareness to support patients and carers suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.
This 10 week training program has been prepared by our Strength and Conditioning coaches at Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation and the weekly run sessions on the 10 weeks lead up to the event will make sure you are super-fit and ready to take on this challenge.


10 WEEKS – 10km & 5km distance

COMMENCING: First supervised session Friday 29 June at 6.00am

COST: $239 (10 week written training plan plus run club training session once per week, team hat and run shirt and fundraising support).

Contact to register!

To Donate: Go to


*Price does not included B2B event registration fee

Kokoda Track 70th Anniversary – An ANZAC pilgrimage for Legacy and the Commando Welfare Trust 18-27 April 2012.

With a combination of physical hardship and historical significance trekking the Kokoda Track is a must do for every Australian.

This 96km track runs through some of the most challenging jungle terrain in the world and holds an extremely important place in Australia’s history. It was on the Kokoda Track in 1942 that our young Australian soldiers were able to hold off the enemy and then mount an assault worthy of legend.

70 years on, Aurora Adventures has joined forces with Legacy and The Commando Welfare Trust for a very special 70th Anniversary Kokoda Track crossing over ANZAC Day 2012. Being a part of this trek will be a truly memorable experience. Not only will you be able to honour your forefathers who walked, fought and died on this remote jungle track back in 1942, but you will be changing the lives of those who have lost loved ones or who have been injured during recent conflict by raising funds for these amazing charities as part of your journey.

If you have ever thought of taking on the Kokoda Track, now is the time.

Come with us and take a walk through history. Contact or 1300 158 468 to register for this once in a lifetime experience or view here for more information.

Yours in Adventure,

Mary Smith,

 legacy CWT
aurora adventures

Enlist now for Aurora Adventures Charity Bootcamp – Round One

Aurora Adventures Charity Bootcamp is an intense fusion of fitness methods to get you on the road to health and fitness and out and about in the great outdoors.

Training sessions include:boot camp

• Circuit Training

• Aerobic Training

• Strength and Conditioning

• Boxing

• Kettle-bells

• Ropes

• Sandbags

• Tyres

• Sledgehammers

Aurora Adventures Charity Bootcamp sessions provide the benefits of all round fitness, strength, flexibility, increased muscle-tone & definition and weight loss.

And what better goal than training for a cause! Support one of the Aurora charities to change your life and the life of someone else by having family and friends sponsor you on your fitness journey. You’ll not only look and feel fabulous on the outside at the end of this fitness adventure, but you’ll feel amazing on the inside too as a result of helping our charities achieve something special in the lives of those who need it.

For more details check out our BootCamp information here.

Aurora Adventures 12 week challenge

12 week challenge newsWe are excited to launch our newest fitness offering backed by our expert training team at Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation designed to get you firing on all cylinders as we head into the summer months. The Aurora Adventures 12-Week Fitness Challenge is designed for those who because of work, family or travel commitments can’t get to the gym, but want to take charge of their health, fitness and well-being. As with all Aurora Charity challenges, the 12-Week challenge is also a way that you can set a goal to meet to enable you to fundraise for your chosen Aurora charity.

Over 12 weeks this program will help you maximise the benefits of your training by providing you with step-by-step workout session plans and guidelines to help you find a fitter, healthier and happier you. This is a completely remote program – that means it can be done anywhere! This is all about you using two very simple yet important things to achieve maximum results – Your Body and Your Mind.

So you officially have no excuse not to get into it and achieve life-changing health, well–being and lifestyle results from this program. By the end of the 12 weeks you will see real results from all your hard work and you will feel revitalised and energised. Your fundraising efforts will also give you that feel good glow on the inside as well as the outside as you support a great charity cause.

The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline – so what are you waiting for?

For more information or to take on the Aurora 12-Week Fitness Challenge check out 12 Week Challenge or to book get in contact –